I've got a problem, and a banjo's the only answer
And it's already Thursday... 
22nd-May-2008 01:45 pm
Why do I have a headache when it looks lovely outside? Stupid broken barometer in my head!

ghsthckr! Allure Magazine is horning in on your territory! With illustrations, even!

Oh! I forgot to say. Fixing my windshield was as easy as Geico had promised. Now, if I could only fix all the other little annoying problems with my car. This is why you should never buy cutting edge products. Wait until they work out the kinks.

Another life lesson: If you ever want to do a cosplay on short notice, get halofire on your side. She's pretty amazing. I think she's made most of three costumes and half of three others in the past two weeks. I'm pretty much in awe.

I am maybe internetless for the long weekend (the guy is coming by, but I still haven't found the power cable to the router), so have a good one! Pictures on Tuesday!
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